Safely Sending Smiles Through the Mail – SMILE BOX

As 2020 brought about changes to everyday life, Friends of JJ quickly pioneered initiatives to reach families in a safe and loving manner. Our Smile Boxes are a way for our organization to help families with sick children in a time when face to face outreach isn’t always the most beneficial or feasible way to lend a hand. Every month, Friends of JJ finds children and families in need in the local community, through friendly referrals, on social media, etc. and curates personalized gift boxes that would best suit their needs. We have filled boxes with toys, gift cards, grocery store cards, video games, backpacks, fun items and other essentials that help to alleviate some of the burden of having a child suffering from a pediatric disease. This has become one of our favorite and most impactful ways to reach out to local families and we look forward to expanding the scope of our Smile Boxes as our presence and the unyielding support of our benefactors grows.