Bringing Sunshine to Moms & Caretakers with KEEP Collective Designer Nichole Melfi

For the past 3 years Friends of JJ has been working with Nichole Melfi of KEEP Collective on a special project dedicated to bringing Sunshine to the moms and caretakers of hospitalized children. Twice a year Nichole sets up this bracelet fundraiser and the response is incredible. So far we have collected over 100 bracelets each with a special message of love, hope, faith, courage or strength. What FOJJ loves most about this program is that most of the donors are moms donating bracelets to other moms. These bracelets form a bond of mothers helping and caring for each other.  Friends of JJ distributes these bracelets during their hospital visits. These bracelets have brought smiles, tears, and hugs. After receiving the bracelet the moms or caretakers always feel more comfortable to sit with us, share their story and take a few moments for themselves while we entertain their child. These moms appreciate the bracelets so much and are so surprised by the thoughtfulness of FOJJ & KEEP Collective to think of them.

Please contact us by email at  at anytime to donate a bracelet, in the subject line write “bracelets for moms”